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Captain Flynt and the Corsairs of the Seven Systems

Hello, Robot Paper friends and fans!

It’s been quite some time since we’ve tossed out a friendly update, and it’s high time we remedy that. Last month you may have noticed that we quietly helped launch a new book called Captain Flynt and the Corsairs of the Seven Systems! If you missed it, now is your chance to fix that – you can grab a physical copy by visiting the Robot Paper shop or a digital copy from Comixology. Featuring art by Ryan Howe and a host of other talented folks, Captain Flynt is packed full of swashbuckling space adventure. If you are fan of Star Wars, Buck Rogers, or really anything in space be sure to pick it up!

Some words from the creators:

Robot Paper: What is the inspiration behind the book?

LYLE: That’s a two part question for me. Big picture, I’ve been a comics fan since I was a kid. I still have the first comic book I bought when I was 5 years old (ARAK: Son of Thunder #1). In college Josh and I both tried our hands at writing comic scripts, but since there was such minimal information out there on what it should look like and how to get published, it went nowhere. Cut to 5 years ago and the two of us had enough free time we started researching what it took to self publish and decided to finally do it.

Little picture, Josh and I bounced ideas off each other for quite a while until we had a few workable ideas. Then we let Ryan pick which one he thought would be the most fun to draw. Flynt is a combination of a Gilgamesh type story Josh was working on, and me claiming I thought the Starjammers from Marvel would be fun to write. As the two of us usually do, we combined the ideas and it started rolling downhill very quickly from there.  

Robot Paper: What has been the most exciting part about the process?

LYLE: First it was just saying we’re going to do it, and meaning it. Then it was that first penciled page coming across the email. Then it was seeing the first glorious color image. Then it was holding that first copy in my hands. Now it’s getting to go to shows and releasing Flynt, Jules, Ranx, and the rest of the gang in to the world for people to enjoy. So basically, I’m saying the whole process has been one exciting moment after another.

Robot Paper: What’s next?

LYLE: Well, there is more Flynt to come. If you only wanted to read this big double sized issue, it is self contained. No need to read more (just skip the last panel for the full effect). But Flynt isn’t done. We would like to have another 48 pages of Flynt finished by year’s end (might be another double sized issue, might be two smaller, more traditional issues). If we keep that pace, the first arc of Flynt stories will be done by 2019.

After that, we both have story ideas together and on our own, we would like to explore.

For those in the central Indiana area – you can meet Josh and Lyle at Indiana Comic Con March 30th – April 1st. Look for the Robot Paper banner and these smiling faces:

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