fcbdWell hello, everyone. It has been some time since we have updated the site. Ryan, Jamison, and I have been hard at work bringing issue number one to life. We’ve been talking weekly, reviewing art, prepping files, talking to our printers… everything but updating the website. So, here we go!

The KickStarter campaign was a huge success. Thank you again to all of our backers – we are really excited to be doing this project, and wouldn’t be able to without everyone’s help. It’s almost May already and we can’t believe it! We have decided to celebrate yet again by sharing a black and white preview issue with anyone who is on our email list by Free Comic Book Day, THIS SATURDAY! Be sure to sign up if you haven’t, and tell your friends!

We almost have half of issue one wrapped up – that is, full pages and inks, then it is off to the colorist! Keep an eye out next week for some awesome, never before seen sample pages!