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Concept Art: Introducing Gary

garyAs a fitting first post to the, I felt we should introduce our protagonist, Gary.

Gary’s had the worst weekend of his life. He gets fired and his wife leaves him. So, he has a selfish moment. Using his time in the hospital to reflect and plan his next move, he comes across a mysterious job opportunity in the newspaper. When he arrives for the interview he finds that he’s hired on as a professional henchman. “It’s only a job,” becomes a personal mantra to get him through the day. But as Gary will soon find out, it isn’t just a job. He just might have found his calling.



Ryan’s concept art for Gary is phenomenal, and we are all excited to watch Henchmen come to life before our eyes. We will be kicking off our KickStarter project on March 1st – be sure to sign up for our email list so you can get in early!

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