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Henchmen Number One is Being Colored – Then Off To The Printer!

Henchmen Comic Book

Henchmen Comic Book

I am so excited to post that all of the page art for Henchmen number one is complete! Ryan has done an amazing job drawing in our KickStarter backers and really bringing Jamison’s story to life. I’ve been reading through everything this week, and  Brian Roe from RSquared is now blowing through the book and bringing it to life with color!

Once the colors come back, we will do one final round of proof-reading and layout prep, then it’s off to the printer! We plan to officially launch Henchmen in mid-July. Our KickStarter backers will be receiving their books sometime in June – if you missed the project and want be the first to know when it is available elsewhere, sign up for email updates here.

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