Jamison, here!

It’s December. It’s my favorite time of year for many reasons. It’s my birthday, the cold weather is upon and, of course, the most beloved event of entire year begins… camel racing season.

That’s right.

Here in the Middle East, where Henchmen is currently being written, rich Arabs pull out robotic jockeys, strap them to camels’ backs, and have them run awkwardly around a track for the amusement of all. Have no fear, this obviously entertaining event will not disrupt the flow of work currently being pumped into everyone’s favorite indie comic right now.

Quite the opposite in fact.

Ryan, Brian and myself have decided that a holiday special is in order. We have started working on a brief, yet incredible, interlude to bridge the gap between Henchmen and Henchmen 2. It will hopefully give you a little bit of holiday cheer to boot. Keep an eye on your email and our site for more updates. As always, thanks a million.

Happy Holidays!