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Indiana Jamison and the Holy Grail (Get it? I’m from Indiana!)

Hello Friends and Henchmen Fans,


The Canyon of the Crescent Moon

Jamison here. I have some exciting news from the world of Henchmen. I have been on quite the adventure. And with it I have good news for you, the reader! For the last couple months, I have journeyed east in search of treasures that defy imagination.

I have recently found myself in the Middle East. I traveled for days across the desert of Wadi Rum. I climbed mountains, walked across barren dunes, and rented a tent from some weird Jordanian that had pictures of himself hanging all over the place. Finally I discovered the entrance to the Canyon of the Crescent Moon, where I bravely followed some Japanese tourists inside.

For hours I climbed up the canyon walls (the stairs were very crowded with people taking pictures) and squeezed myself through small openings. Finally, the canyon opened and before me stood the Temple of the Sun.


The Temple of the Sun

It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever been. I could hardly believe my eyes… not from the temple. There were Nazis… in Jordan… in 2013! I mean the building, it was nice and all, but I’d seen pictures. But the Nazis, that was out of left field.

“Zee Germans” let it spill that inside was the Holy Grail, the cup that caught Christ’s blood! I’m not sure exactly what their plan was… something about living forever. But then I said, “But it’s like that Queen song from Highlander… Who wants to live… forever!” Then my friends pointed out that the movie references are starting to blend and get convoluted.

I couldn’t let the Holy Grail get into the hands of Nazis. So I went in the temple to get the cup myself. Inside I encountered perilous trials… and more Nazis. There were old knights, invisible bridges, PEOPLES HEAD’S WERE FLYING OFF! But, I emerged, relatively unscathed and in my possession… The Holy Grail. With *zee Germans* hot on my trail, I escaped on camelback with the Cup of Christ…


Up on my high horse… I mean camel.

My plan was to sell it at a local bazaar for a pretty penny. I was going to retire to Rio with my new found riches and a Brazilian bikini model. But when I was telling Brian about all of this, we had another great idea. So I left the goblet with the Brazilian and am now pleased to announce, Henchmen 2, a new six-part story… now underway!

I’ve been having a lot of fun and seeing tons of cool stuff in the Middle East for the last couple months, but don’t think that will slow down the Henchmen creative team! We are hard at work to bring you FIVE more issues of the trials and tribulations of Gary and the other henchmen in the follow-up to Henchmen. Keep an eye on the web page for updates about the release of Henchmen 2. And like always, let all your friends know. You keep reading and I’ll keep writing.



Follow Jamison on Twitter (@jjraygun) for updates on his adventures. Follow Henchmen (@HenchmenComic) for updates on issue two!

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