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New Story Arc, Free Shipping, Free Digital Books, and Rad Convention Sketches!, everyone! We are excited to formally announce that we are working on a second Henchmen story. Response to Gary and his new career path has been fantastic, and we kicked off a new five-issue story arc last week!

In other news, we are no longer charging for shipping on orders of the physical book.  If you have a friend who would like a copy or you’d like another, be sure to stop by the shop and pick up another copy – we only have a few boxes of books left. We’d also love to send some of those copies to awesome comic shops.  If you have a local store you frequent, please ask them to carry the book; all they have to do is send an email to and we will make sure they get what they need.

While at Wizard World Chicago, Ryan was kind enough to draw some of the visitors to our booth as various henchmen. Be sure to check out the Facebook gallery – there are some awesome Deadpools and even a Silver Surfer!

Finally, we need help spreading the word about Henchmen. This week we are offering free digital copies to anyone who uses the coupon code “FREEDIG” when checking out from the Henchmen shop. Share this with your friends and help us tell the masses! This coupon code will expire on September 20th.


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