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Opening Panel of Henchmen Issue Two – Artist Update with Ryan Howe


Production is in full swing on the first issue of the new Henchmen mini-series, and it’s going to be a heck of a ride. With a lot of groundwork laid in the first one-shot, we’re really opening things up to breathe more, and get a chance to see more of Gary’s world.

With this series stretching over five issues I thought it would be fun to run an artist’s blog while I work to give you all some extra goodies and previews. I’m thinking a post or two a week with anything from rough page layouts and sketches to finished artwork popping up. So let’s kick it off, somewhat fittingly I guess, with something from the first page of the first issue.

You’d think that after the first issue I’d have a pretty solid grip on Gary, but between all the characters (including our Kickstarter draw-ins) I think everything got a bit blurred together in the time between issues. In this issue Jamison wrote a really great intro with Gary that was a lot of internal monologue and body language that gave me a great chance to get reaquainted with him.



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