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We Are The Champions – Striker & Headpin Debut as Cards in the Heroes Wanted “Champions & Masterminds” Set

In our last update we told you about the awesome new game, Heroes Wanted. Action Phase Games has been absolutely killing it on Kickstarter since early February, and this week released the first look at the “Champions and Masterminds” add-on for the project. Players can now play in a cooperative game using the Champions of Zeta City, and the first cards revealed were Striker and his nemesis, Headpin. Check out the cards below and if you haven’t backed the project yet, get to it!


Also, I (Brian) will be at Granite City this Friday (February 28th) with the Action Phase team at the February Indy PopCon Community event, with copies of Henchmen and demoes of Heroes Wanted. If you are in the Indy area, be sure to stop by!

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