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Concept Art: Crowbar



Up next we are introducing another one of our henchmen, Crowbar!

Crowbar also known as… well, I’m not really sure if he has a real name. And quite frankly, I’m terrified to ask him. What is clear is that if you need someone kneecapped, Crowbar is the thug for the job. He’s a man that you want on your side. He was born to this work. Every man in his family grows up to be a low-level enforcer. And he’s good at his work. Why wouldn’t he be? His father always told him, “If you have to do something, be the best at it.” His father is currently serving a life sentence at the federal penitentiary.


We have a lot more art coming this week. We will be kicking off our KickStarter project on March 1st – be sure to sign up for our email list so you can get in early!

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