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Successful Henchmen Series Bands Together Six-Issue Collected Edition Available in December

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:  Brian Wyrick Email: brian@robotpaper.com   “…this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a…

Cincinnati Comic Con, Captain Flynt, Kickstarter, and Henchmen Trade Paperback!

Holy moley folks – lots of stuff happening in our world over at Robot Paper HQ. Updates about our forthcoming trade paperback, and awesome new comics from Ryan Howe!

We Are The Champions – Striker & Headpin Debut as Cards in the Heroes Wanted “Champions & Masterminds” Set

Striker and Headpin debut as the first card in Heroes Wanted’s “Champions & Masterminds” set!

Heroes Wanted – A New Kickstarter Project featuring some familiar faces

I am pleased to let everyone know that we’ve partnered with Action Phase Games on their new game Heroes Wanted. Featuring amazing card and box art from our own Ryan Howe, there are some pretty awesome surprises in store for super-hero and henchmen fans.

Open For Business!

It’s time – starting today everyone on the internet can visit us at HenchmenComic.com/shop and buy a digital copy of Henchmen! Tell your friends!

Henchmen Number One is Being Colored – Then Off To The Printer!

We are almost there! We’ll be sending Issue number one to the printer soon!

We’ve Done It! – 114% backed and one last weekend to go!

We’ve done it, and announced some very special new backer tiers during our last weekend!

Get To Know The Folks Behind Henchmen – 3 Questions with Jamison

A quick interview with Jamison Raymond, writer of Henchmen.

Henchmen Number One, Now With Dave Dorman Cover Art!

Dave Dorman will be doing the cover for Henchmen number one!

Updates from KickStarter, plus Jamison shares the Inspiration for Gary

We’ve been busy promoting things over at KickStarter!

Our KickStarter project is Live

We were approved on KickStarter and already have a handful of backers – be sure to check our video below and get over the page ASAP!

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